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Due to the large number of platforms present, please click on the image to see the tour.

We support the use of many applications such as Panotour Pro, Pitchpeek, PanoWalks, Walkinto, and more. Please ask if your project would benefit from greater tracking, more animation, a site map, or other features.

Example Google's Default Embed (Google Hosted)

Example GoThru (GoThru hosted)

Example using Mapillary

Example WalkInto, Google hosted or WalkInto hosted with paid add-on

Example Spinattic (Spinnatic's hosted)

Example Panotour Pro (hosted on your own website)

Examples of a Google Embed using a Rotating Script

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Cafe Amore

Cafe Amore Private Room

Cafe Amore is a bustling bistro that has had no problems growing. However, Cristo and family often receive questions about the atmosphere and private room. Now they can refer to the tour. Even better, they continue to grow and have opened a second business, The Black Pearl.

McDougall Church

McDougall United Balcony

McDougall United Church is the first church built in Edmonton. Sharing imagery is part of restoring the site and gaining historic status. Big pluses: They can rent the facilities more easily, especially since a large number of their renters come from out of town to play music or meet with a group.

Griffiths Ford

Griffiths Ford showroom

Griffiths Ford is in Hinton. Although the car industry seems to place value on virtual tours to start with they didn't know we serviced their area! They were delighted to be able to showcase their vehicles, showroom, and fun atmosphere. Nothing better than a Wacky Waving Tube Man and a car with writing about all of the features on it.